Brief: Create storyboard, logo and the opener for Yahoo Sport’s “Reif für den Titel”

Client: Yahoo Sport Deutschland

Process: Studio Pedrini developed storyboard, logo and opener for Yahoo Sport Deutschland’s talk show with football expert Marcel Reif, analysing the events of the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia.

Result: Short opener setting the mood for the show in Charles Schumanns famous bar in Munich

  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel1
  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel2
  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel3
  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel4
  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel5
  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel6
  • yahoo_reif_fuer_den_titel7