Brief: Build on newly redesigned identity to deliver motion and information design

Client: Brandsome, Munich

Process: Following a complete brand redesign, German TV channel Sport1 commissioned Studio Pedrini to refine their sports information graphic system, as well as create a full range of graphic elements to be used in a variety of sports.

Studio Pedrini’s expertise in workflow, problem spotting and all the technical aspects behind TV design were combined to optimise the assets for the best viewer’s experience.

Studio Pedrini was also involved in the final design approvals as they were implemented in the VizRT system by the in-house team.

Result: Information graphics which were coherent with the channel’s new visual identity and optimised for the viewer

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  • 02_HB_Statistik
  • 03_VB_Teamvergleich
  • 04_VB_Twitter
  • 05_VB_Spielernoten_1Verein
  • 06_TV-Hinweis_Rechts