Brief: Logo concept for the Sky Sport Friday evening show “Mein Stadion”.

Client: Sky Sport Germany, Munich

Process: This was a live show on the German Sky sports channel which ran just after the Bundesliga Friday evening game. Studio Pedrini created the logo and on-screen live graphics for the show package, and then the animations and graphics for the weekly shows from the start until its end, with nearly 150 shows.

The format was fun, the audience loved it, and Sky got a lot of positive feedback, in part thanks to Studio Pedrinis’ graphics which were widely used during the show. Because of its success it stayed on for 5 seasons, much longer than originally planned.

  • Mein Stadion Logo
  • MeinStadion_poster_almighty
  • MeinStadion_poster_GoodBye
  • MeinStadion_poster_Hannover
  • MeinStadion_poster_Miserables
  • MeinStadion_poster_NoPunkte
  • MeinStadion_poster_Silence
  • MeinStadion_poster_Unglaublichen