Brief: Develop brand manual and other print materials

Client: hevnly, London

Process: As a startup, hevnly were at the very beginnings of their brand identity, which consisted of a logo, a wordmark and colours. Studio Pedrini helped create the material needed to communicate the brand, starting with a brand manual in order to structure the existing assets.

From the beginning it was clear the design should be very contemporary and minimalist, and Studio Pedrini worked closely with the hevnly team to ensure consistency as the digital design was also being developed at this time.

After that, stationery items were developed, as well as a corporate brochure showcasing hevnly’s work to prospective business partners.

Result: High-quality print material that communicates the brand’s values

  • hevnly_brandassets_v05_4
  • hevnly_brandassets_v05_07
  • hevnly_corporate_brochure_photos_4_32
  • hevnly_corporate_brochure_v16_2-3